Listen to the nostalgic venture of two robots into the aluminum-bucholia of Love.

Dangerous Valentine: A Playlist for Nostalgic Technocrat Lovers is a “concept playlist” conceived as a short Valentine's Day sonic narration for Les Cahiers Européens de l'Imaginaire. The story told is one of darkness becoming light, it is the nostalgic venture of two robots into the aluminum-bucholia of Love. It all starts from obscurity, a “Low Light”, and the robot's admission “I'm not in Love”... but soon comes “Danger”, something unexpectd and misterious. There is a “Change in Tide” and “Northern Lights appearing and a “Laser” hitting like a 1980's low definition Cupid. The “Robots (are) In Love”. A “Velvet Condom” easies their way to ecstasy and love now appears as a reached “Mirage”. “Direct Lines” that probably, one day, will know their “Last Song” but now nothing matters most than their dangerous love.

Alessandro Franconetti is an italian music supervisor, living in Paris, who creates sensorial landscapes by selecting sounds and scents for renowned brands all over the world. Born in Rome in '78, he has long lived in the United States between San Francisco and New York City, where he has studied Communications at the University of San Francisco and earned a master degree in Media Ecology at the New York University. In his carreer, he has celebrated his passion for music and human communications producing videos, curating art exhibits and hundreds of concerts, organizing bizarre parties and writing.