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    Mike Featherstone is professor of sociology and communications at Nottingham Trent University, UK and director of the Theory, Culture & Society Centre which was established in 1996. He is the editor of the journal, “Theory, Culture, and Society”, as well as the author and editor of many books, including Consumer Culture and Postmodernism (1991, second edition 2007), Undoing Culture (1995). His books and articles have been translated into sixteen languages.

    Mike a publié dans Les Cahiers

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      The Sense of Luxury: Consumer Culture and Sumptuary Dynamics

      The sense of luxury suggests the capacity to tell the difference between luxury objects and necessities, but also the capacity to enjoy the sensory stimuli that luxuries can provide. Luxury may well offer the user enhanced status, through membership of the imagined cultural community that possession involves, but luxury also entails the tacit knowledge of how to use the object, how to experience its potential. Although the common-sense view of luxury is that the pleasures it offers are self-evident and immediate, luxury entails a range of social and economic dynamics, in which certain goods can become discovered or designated luxuries, while others may effectively become widespread and then seen as merely necessities.

    La nuit

    Selon la mythologie nordique, la fin des temps viendra quand Fenrir détruira le soleil. Nos civilisations redoutent la fin de leurs lumières : chaque nuit est une menace d’éternité, disait Bachelard. Mais elles prospèrent aussi en elles. Tout « entre chien et loup » est un refuge pour les espèces sauvages, les barbares et les anomiques. Un moment de grandes permissions, de dépenses, d’excès et de licences de vivre. La nuit sait accueillir. Sociologues, anthropologues, écrivains, photographes, illustrateurs, peintres, clubbers, poètes, couche-tards, dormeurs, rêveurs, graffeurs, cataphiles, midnight snackers, somnambules, portes-lanternes ajoutent leur encre aux pages encore blanches du 10e numéro des Cahiers européens de l’imaginaire. Levez vos couvre-feu !